Welcome to Eagle Hill Cemetery

Eagle Hill Cemetery is situated on Eagle Hill, once known as Doyle Hill, overlooking the scenic community of Westchester Station, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

This cemetery dates back to the early 1800s and was named for the Eagles Family who lived on the hill. It is believed that the first person to be buried there was Jane Sweetland, mother-in-law to David Eagles. The story goes that she often sat by their kitchen window and enjoyed the view of the field across the road. She chose that field for her final resting place and so began the Eagle Hill Cemetery.

In 1947 Jean (Roblee) Rushton donated an acre of land to Eagle Hill Cemetery where her first husband and son were buried as the result of a tragic accident.

Following the death of his wife in 1964, Will Adams took a great interest in the care of the cemetery. He and Cecil Warks spent many hours working to improve its appearance. Also, it was Will Adams who donated the War Monument in homage to those from Westchester who went to war. Donald Reid, mason, constructed the monument with river rock hand picked by Mr. Adams.

In 1976 Gordon McLean was instrumental in having Eagle Hill Cemetery Company incorporated and he assumed the responsibility of its operation and maintenance for many years until he retired due to failing health.

The monument bearing the cemetery's name was placed by Max Brown in 1976 in memory of his parents, Roy and Rachel Brown. Each year Max has faithfully planted flowers to enhance the beauty of the cemetery.

Expansion of the cemetery in 1999 was made possible by donations of land from John Bragg and Kay MacDougall and with financial assistance from W.B. Wells Foundation.

The cemetery is presently maintained by the Board of Directors who hold several "work days" and meetings each year.